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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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after a cloudy day we have clearing ahead and warmer temperatures. i have your forecast in the news
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taking action for the neighborhood, a new way the community is stepping up the protest today controversial-i been candidates are going all out. by undecided voters are important right now. similar good evening thank you for joining us. i am sarina fazan. >>i am john sabol.
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homicide. officers found a body this morning while investigating complaints about a vacant home on 12th st. to drive west. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. you might be eligible for a reward. there is growing opposition to have a project that could impact thousands.>>a tampa bay express is going to be created aimed at cutting commute times. connect we are live in tampa to explain why many of these historic neighborhood think the project will create more problems. >>reporter: a lot of neighborhoods in tampa heights have seen a rebirth and if this expressway project is built coming through many areas, many fear it will stop that growth and it is not doing enough to address traffic troubles.
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revitalization, also the area struggled during the construction of 275 back in the 60s. many are worried a new highway construction project, the tampa bay express, will break neighborhoods like this to their knees. snake you want to put this on top of that. frankly, i am not sure it's a burden these communities can sustain. >> it could be a magic bullet to alleviate traffic jams. it would create separate driving lanes and he would have to pay a toll. based on traffic value. money would cover buildings and maintaining the roads for the goalkeeping cars moving and access points to the expressway would be limited. >> some neighborhoods have good access and others have no access.
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homes would also have to be torn down and relocated to open up room for the expressway. combine that with the ability for drivers to bypass the historic neighborhood. some see it as a recipe for disaster. this group is hoping to raise voices loud enough that they will say no to the plan. the group stopped to be x is hoping everyone will take time to learn about this project. they hope to have a large presence on tuesdays metropolitan planning meeting and lots of information coming up online on tuesday the state will have a public meeting on this project. developing tonight out of sarasota county police are looking for the driver who killed a bicyclist and left the scene.
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of the bike. the writer was rushed to the hospital but did not make it. authorities have not released his name. the crash happened at authorities have not released his name. the crash happened at 7:15 pm tonight. the car is described as a dark colored toyota with front end damage. if you know more, please call sarasota police. so i deputies have arrested a suspected wrong way driver that hit and killed a motorcyclist. 40-year-old kenneth cabell is charged with a dui manslaughter. he drove his truck the wrong way on county rd., #1 hit in the motorcycle head-on. the 38-year-old biker was going to a hospital where he died. he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash per the driver suffered minor injuries. a traffic alert. traffic is crawling because of a crash at dover.
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40 minutes ago have you should try to avoid this area. tampa police are searching for a driver who hit a pedestrian and drove off. that car. stroke. the victim around 11 pm last night, just north of hillsboro avenue that pedestrian was rushed to a hospital with a trauma alert the in serious condition. investigators have not released their name are given any description of the car. similar to teenagers are on the run after escaping from a juvenile correctional facility and a reward is being offered. detectives are searching for 18- year-old anthony face of georgia and 17-year-old anthony cook from st. petersburg. they took off this morning in tampa and according to the sheriff's office. the teenagers had been allowed outside time in a fenced part of the property, but a staff member noticed a whole could enlist chain-link--notice that
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both are serving time for grand theft auto. they were seen wearing green sure some blue pants. crimestoppers is offering up to $3000 for tips, leading to their capture. if you see them yours to call the number on your screen, one 800 873 tips. meteorologist bill logan joins us at february starts in a few minutes. but it won't feel like february. >>it will feel like september. we are having a nice looking and to the day and a decent day all the way around because even though we had cloud cover those temperatures warmed up. we were into the mid-70s and we will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and here is a clouds cover. you can see there is a break
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that's going to allow for more sunlight and bright skies tomorrow. take a look at your current temperatures. we have 67 in tampa and apollo beach and 63 in palm harbor and largo n64 in sarasota. we have a fly. went for tomorrow morning. we could see visibility, drop- down with some fog 5 miles or so. we will have details as they go through the morning with you on the commute but here is a quick look at your forecast. warming up to 770 and even warmer. tuesday. i will have you with that coming up at 12 minutes or so. >> a massive search under way for a killer who took the life of a toddler in a drive-by shooting. many of you are reacting strongly. the mayor is devoting $1
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mcclendon died on friday and a drive-by has been limited to gang violence and the little boy was not the intended target. he was sitting in a car when shots were fired. the mayor has strong words for those behind the crime. move across the city and spray bullets into a car, particularly a car with a child said. we are resolute and determined to come after you. >> and just the last week in jacksonville, 4 people died from drive-by shootings in mcclendon is the 13th person murdered in the city. right now there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the child's death. developments on a murder of another chopper to second. student arrested in the death
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police have charged 19-year-old virginia tech student natalie keefer she is accused of getting ready-rid of the students while fellow student faces abduction and murder charges. police found the body of a call. madison yesterday after she went missing. troopers are searching for a pond that want to say what they are looking for. democracy 2016. after months of hectic campaigning the candidates are facing their first test at the ballot box. >> voters will began to thin out the crowd on that campaign trail. there are tight races of both parties and that means undecided voters hold the key to victory. >>reporter: and a final push provide-votes clinton and trump are bringing out big guns, their families. tonight he will be unbelievable.
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negotiator.>>please join me in welcoming i hope our next president. >>reporter: the polls show trump leading the race five points ahead of ted cruz. sudafed i don't care if you are feeling horrible you have a temperature get out of bed and caucus. to make it is a tight race between clinton and bernie sanders. sewage our job is to make sure there is a large voter turnout. >>reporter: sander volunteers knocking on doors and ted cruz attended church. and marco rubio casting ted cruz is a favorite. >> he has done thousand volunteers you spend millions of dollars. student the candidates have
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iowa and they have been flooding the airwaves all weekend long. debate on saturday in new hampshire just before the caucus but some faces will be missing this round. there will be no undercard debate and to make it in the top to the republicans have to claim the top spot in iowa or the polls you can watch the debate at 8 pm here on your abc action news station. still ahead, a huge effort to pick up tons of trash left of the aftermath of gasparilla for the reason why volunteer say it was important for them to make a local man test his television. performance and his biggest
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remembered the lasting impression she left on children. a memorial was held today for susan jordan, the principal who died on tuesday. she sacrificed her life to the students out of the way of an oncoming school bus had loved ones gathered in indianapolis to share memories of her and her daughter shared a moving message and her mother's own words. second 100 words for now it will not matter what my bank account was, the house i lived in on the car drove but the world may be different because i was important in the life of a child. >>jordan was called a hero, not just for her final act, but because of the 22 years. she devoted to the district. >> gov. rick scott is touting job growth with a pending deal
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he is extending unexpired deal games. the seven your proposal will create 4800 new jobs come almost more than 14,000 construction jobs to improve casino properties and i should bring $3 billion to the state. the gov. is holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss the impact. the deal is waiting on an if you are waiting on a job in the casino industry are international airport. we are waiting for action. you just type in abc action a man is put to the test on a new reality tv show. andrea santiago pushes his challenge. firefighter a personal trainer featured in tonight's episode featuring stone cold steve austin. he went up against others
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he did not claim the top spot, but he made it to the second round of elimination. he told us the hardest part was not the challenge but the fact he could not talk about the pre- recorded results.>>goodbye gas grill and hello to mountains of trash. someone has to clean it up. >> we went along for the massive undertaking. >>reporter: like the aftermath of an epic battle. what remains of gasparilla 2016 now covers the streets of bay shore. yards and trees. the florida aquarium representative is helping lead the cleanup and giving some advice about caring for our local treasure along the way. >> this is a good idea to pick
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the impact marine life. survey 200 people crawled out of bed to throw on their yellow vest to make sure thousands of plastic beads, bottles and 950 cigarette butts want to be there tomorrow. >> our efforts on the cleanup last year was 143 volunteers, resulting in 1.3 tons of trash and debris. student the city got another age tons. in tampa. caleb paul abc action is. one of the wonderful parts pitches in. >> everyone coming together. afterwards. >> you always have to work hard when you clean up and it will
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looking good. sewage is the third largest parade in the us and i am proud all yesterday. beautiful weather and warm temperatures and we have more on the way. so clouds out there right now. we saw just enough of the sunshine venting through to get us some beautiful sunset pictures fog. overnight it will be the possibility further inland and more sun tomorrow it will help warm us up we will be warming in advance from a cold front wednesday thursday. we had 73 today and the average temperatures were 71. we were dead on the average low for this time of year with no
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they didn't bring any rain, nothing got down to the ground that you can see we're going to start to get a break and that's going to be over by tomorrow and it will warm temperatures even more. 630 68 in naples 670 50 in jacksonville and warmth going up into the ohio valley, where ahead of the front and there is a front through here. the iowa caucuses could see some snow making its way in get stuck there with this campaigning. we will have a front swinging towards us. it will make it until wednesday so we're going to see clouds
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way up. they will stay mostly south of tampa bay and a 10% chance of a random shower on tuesday. highs for tomorrow never 70s was 79 in hernando and 80s not out of the question that into the center of the state in spell it out for you. starting off warm and 77 temperatures around 60 and winds shifted to the south and smooth on the waterways a high tide coming up before 9 am and low tide at 1:10 pm. sun is up at 7:18 am and the sunset at 6:09 pm. a 10% chance of rented raindrops monday and tuesday.
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and thursday when they front stalls then we will cool things off in time for next weekend. the votes are in and here is our winning photo of the week . thanks for this colorful my time gasparilla ship. the pirates where the theme of this week's contest rick and this photo is our cover photo, maybe your picture could be the winner. next week. just search for abc action news on facebook and look for a photo of the week post and comment with your submission. we will be back after this. coming up at the lightning and buccaneers represented the day very well. we will see what they did,
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buccaneers have not been year of 2002. versus msc. the last two years nfl hall of famer's drafted them and tonight
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see a buccaneers versus buccaneers. one of the five tackles. they find the touchdown. now with extensive second pass over the middle for a score. later, 200 hopkins for the touchdown. they beat team rice tonight. russell wilson by the way, you are game mvp. these are your final numbers. winston six of 12 doug martin 43 yards and five tackles the
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tested the format and it change this year data set of conference versus conference these three on three tournaments were made of all the divisions said the lightning us and his teammate with team atlantic and bishop game. metropolitan leading showing the youngsters he still has a. scores on washington brady whole bn in the second been bishop and for atlanta and bishop at the last laugh last bishop gets credit for the assist and santos did not record a shot. he moves on to
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was $1 million. they find the back of the night with six minutes 23 seconds left . the shot is nearly deflected and saved by gibbons and team specific shots down and the very first three on three all- star game. montrial. john scott won the fan vote. trying to accomplish something
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temple--they go on to lose at the sundown. we are back after this final
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similar thanks for choosing us. our news continues now at abc action news similar thanks for choosing us. our news continues
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